An ambitious endeavour in the alternative energy sector.


An ambitious venture in the field of alternative energy manufacturing, Pixon provides efficient solar energy solutions and judiciously deploys resources towards creating a sustainable future. It ranks among the top 10 solar energy manufacturers in India.

A state-of-the-art turnkey manufacturing facility with a capacity of 400 MW supports a tremendous volume and scale of operations — producing module raw materials like EVA films. Founded in 2019, the company works towards forward integration as well as reverse engineering of solar products and manufacturing processes. In doing so, it addresses the urgent need for adopting clean energy resources to reduce the global carbon footprint.

The company’s goal of emerging as a global leader in the solar energy sector is backed by the financial might and operating values of the Marwadi Chandarana Group, which ensure a high standard of quality and integrity in each aspect of its functioning. Accredited with all major certifications for solar energy products and manufacturing, Pixon has successfully executed more than 150 residential projects in Gujarat, and installed a 700 MW solar power plant at Marwadi University.

Pixon is powered by a team of domain experts who foster a spirit of innovation and exploration within the organisation, and are determined to extend the benefits of the solar revolution to the world at large.

A leap in the right direction

We’ve developed the capacity to power sustainable change on a large scale.