A reimagined personal finance institution.


Established in 2021, 1 Finance is a forward-looking financial institution that reimagines the current ecosystem of personal finance advisory to prioritise the best interest of the client. 1 Finance has designed a more honest and transparent framework that places the financial well-being of the consumer at its core, and allows all stakeholders to thrive.

At 1 Finance, hyper-personalised financial planning recommendations are offered through unbiased and highly qualified advisors, who are selected by a thorough screening process. These recommendations are not limited to asset allocation, but also take into account an individual’s incomes, expenses, liabilities, insurance, and aspirations to create a more holistic advisory experience.

The advisory process leverages technology to build algorithms and platforms that make information more accessible, and connects clients with certified financial planners and wealth managers. The advisors use these insights to offer customised suggestions that are aligned with the goals and behavioural tendencies of the client.

1 Finance aims to serve 1 million people by alleviating their financial anxieties and stress and guiding them towards financial freedom — a state in which a person can choose the type and amount of work they wish to pursue, and long-term financial stability is secured.

Creating a more transparent personal finance ecosystem

Qualified, unbiased and hyper-personalised advice for planning, managing and growing your finances.